Performance features of the GPC module
‘Shipment Creation’
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1. General
This Add-In-Module for SAP R/3-Systems offers the possibility to create shipments automatically using deliveries - outbound and inbound. The logic is based on rules and specific customizing tables. After the 'shipment proposals' are created, the shipment planner may then use a specifically for this process created list transaction to process the shipments in a collective process.

2. Master data maintenance/Customizing
2.1 Shipment creation criteria
To create shipments automatically it is necessary to define certain rules, e. g.:
- Geography
- collecting criteria for deliveries
- weight/number of loads/volume limits.
Beyond that deviation rules for document types and shipping types and for shipment chains have to be defined before the creation and the consolidation of deliveries can be executed according to the customer requirements.

3. Processing
3.1 Shipment creation
The shipment creation tools is called using an appropriate selection variant. It is possible to define certain shipping types (direct, distribution scenario, stop-off) individually or within one program run. Using the above defined settings and criteria the programm then
- deletes already existing shipments which never have been processed further and assigns the deliveries to all the other selected deliveries in the planning pool
- adds deliveries to already exisiting shipments which are not further processed yet
- creates completely new shipments according to the above mentioned criteria
- processes simulation
- executes online or batch processes.
A detailed execution log file displays every activity of the individual processing steps and the creation results.

3.2 Shipment processing
Within a multi-level list transaction the following activities can be achieved for one or several shipments at a time:
- Re-Planning of shipments
- Re-Creation of shipments and shipment chains (preliminary/main/final shipment scenario)
- Call of the Service Agent Selection per shipment (e.g. least cost carrier variant)
- Manipulation of the shipment status and therefore the implicit execution of shipment relevant actions (e.g. print of shipping documents, activation of communication interfaces)
- detailed display of shipping instruction per delivery
- Re-Start of the shipment creation for all un-planned deliveries on the screen
- Modification of the unloading sequence within a shipment

4. Others
4.1 Userexits
Userexits have been made available at certain points in the programs where customer specific functions are required but not available in the standard process.

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